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While not a service in and of itself, technology is changing the way we carry out dentistry. It is not a replacement for understanding and mastering the scientific principles but rather a way to make procedures easier for both patient and dentist.
Among the most useful technologies employed at Dental Solutions Toronto are…

1. SimplantR. This technology allows for virtual surgery and guided surgery to enhance precision and speed up process.

2. Digital radiography (x-rays) is much safer than conventional ‘x-rays’ and is more convenient for both patient and dentist. Total radiation exposure is equivalent to the amount of radiation in 5 bananas!

3. Digital photography is an indispensable tool for documenting and designing beautiful smiles and educating patients about oral health and conditions that exist in their own mouths.

4. Digital impressions allow us to forgo the use of impression materials and trays and use light/sonar to capture images of teeth. Treatment planning can then proceed with virtually providing a ‘peek’ into ‘what’s possible’.

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