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Finding out that a root canal is necessary is not always news that a patient wants to hear. The phrase ‘root canal therapy’ can even instill fear or anxiety in a patient’s mind. Although it is a common procedure, it has negative connotations for most individuals. However, with modern advancements in dental technology and patient comfort, root canal therapy is an efficient and routine experience at our Toronto office that patients do not need to be afraid of.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy refers to the dental procedure involving the removal of bacterial from the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is the softer inside of the tooth, and if it there is a deep infection, a root canal becomes necessary. This is typically one of the more critical stages of tooth decay and must be treated sooner rather than later.

An untreated infection in the pulp of a tooth can lead to further decay or further complications. The pain typically increases, and the tooth may become discolored. After the tooth is treated it increases the chance the tooth can be preserved. In some cases, the patient may need a crown on the tooth as well.

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