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Simple Versus Complex Veneers

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Beautiful restorations require much more than pretty porcelain. Tooth proportions, tooth display in harmony with the lips and face are critical factors that need to be managed to produce beautiful smiles. The first four cases demonstrate Before and After results on a simple scale, where critical components of an aesthetic smile already exist. The final cases are more complicated and require re-engineering to prevent mechanical failures.

Case 1: Simple veneers (4) used to close spaces

Case 2: Simple veneers (4) used to replace discoloured restorations.

Case 3: Simple veneers (6) in a smile makeover.

Notice the improved tooth proportions.

Case 4: 8 Old discoloured restorations are replaced with veneers.

Case 5: Old discoloured restorations are replaced with veneers.

Patient opted for only 6 veneers due to finances.

Case 6: Complex veneer case: Worn teeth restored with 10 veneers.

Failure to establish proper edge position of anterior teeth will ultimately result in failures. Failures can include any or all of the following:

fractured veneers, debonding of veneers, tooth sensitivity and/or mobility (loosening of teeth).

Case 7: Complex veneer case to address severely worn teeth.

Case 8: Simple veneer case combined with orthodontics to improve posterior mechanics.

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