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Anterior Implants

Case 1: Patient presented with swelling over left central incisor. Tooth was mobile and tender to touch. Tooth was removed and due to lack of adequate bone volume the site was grafted and implant placement was delayed to ensure ideal soft and hard tissue healing.

Case 2: Patient had front two incisors removed in her native country as a young adult, and much bone loss as a result. Grafting was required to increase the volume.

Case 3: Patient was involved in a traffic accident. After rehabilitation including implant in the maxillary left central incisor position.

Case 4: Correction of soft tissue around anterior implant.

Posterior Implants

Even posterior implants can be aesthetically managed provided there is adequate bone volume and soft tissue. When these two criteria have been satisfied all that is required is proper implant positioning and soft tissue management for proper tooth emergence.

Case 1: Simple Mandibular Posterior Implants

Case 2: Simple Maxillary Implant

Case 3: Complex Implant Reconstruction

This case involved a failing maxillary dentition which was treated by sequential extractions and implants using hopeless teeth and tooth roots to support a fixed provisional/temporary for a more comfortable transition from natural teeth to implant restorations.

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