Latest in implant dentistry

Both implant placement surgery and implant restorations, with emphasis on esthetics.  The use of our Simplant technology offers us and our patients the ability to simulate the surgery electronically prior any commitment on the part of the patient (virtual surgery)

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 TMJ Management

Our training in TMJ management allows us to help treat muscles disorders including headaches which originate from prolonged clenching and grinding activities through advanced occlusal splint therapy.  We can also modify this approach to manage patients with true joint pathology.  Not all patients can be managed with night guard therapy. 

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 Digital X-ray Technology

The office is equipped with digital x-ray technology to help reduce exposure to radiation.  Furthermore digital photography and intraoral cameras for improved communication are in routine use in our office.  Cad Cam restorations (Cerec restorations) are available for patients in need of same day crowns or onlays.

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 Esthetic Smile Makeovers

The most advanced esthetic smile makeovers available in the industry including gingival sculpting, gingival resection, grafting, all ceramic restorations and porcelain veneers set in the proper mechanical framework (imperative for long term predictability) completes the majority of our services. 

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